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The Cheese and Meats break is over.

Hello loyal followers (All none of you),

It has occurred to me that I post so much shite to Facebook that I find myself limiting what I bother to post, meanwhile this lovely world of cheese and meat often gets neglected for extended periods of time.

Yeah, I tend to forget about it and time flies when you’re a semi narcoleptic.

So I was thinking, I’m paying for this domain, why give Facebook all of the traffic? From now on I won’t!!


I have bestowed upon myself a noble challenge to post at least one piece of material per day. This should be easy enough to do but will probably be very difficult. The Venerable Ven of Cheese and Meats and will also be making an attempt at this.

Estimated time of failure: tomorrow.

One fuck up won’t be the end of it so don’t worry (all none of you).

Not all material will be original, some will be classics.


Anyway I’ll get the ball rolling.

Yesterday I made this and let Ven have it (But now I’m posting it here :-p ):

Three Common Things

Three Common Things

Ages ago someone else made this:

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