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Bad Mouthed crow

This crow has a bad mouth indeed Crow says fuck you.

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Bloodborne: Old man in wheelchair is weak against pebbles

This old man in a wheel chair is a bit of a dick. Unfortunately for him, sitting on a ledge in your wheelchair shooting at people doesn’t end well when someone comes along and chucks a few pebbles at you.

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Little goat jumps onto a pot bellied pig

This little goat hops onto the back of  a big pot bellied pig.

The pig does not care. Goats are awesome, I want one.



Sauce: Pettube channel on YouTube,

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This man is doing a sleep in hospital

Comas are not funny


This man is doing a sleep in hospital must draw dicks on him



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What the fuck should i watch on Netflix?

I never know what (the fuck) to watch on Netflix and spend hours flicking through that catalog seeing the same junk listed in every category amongst the arbitrary suggestions apparently based on your viewing history.

So here is a tool to combat that inability to decide for you 

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R2D2 Budgie won’t stfu

Budgie learns R2D2 sounds, doesn’t stfu.



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Colonel Sanders Has Ebola

Colonel Sanders Has Ebola

Every time this loops I hear the sound of a dying giraffe in my head…


Source : Reddit / imgur

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Grass under microscope has many smiley faces


Apparently grass under a microscope has many smiley faces!

There’s this little guy hullloooorrr:


This tribe of serious grass folk:



A load of smiley grass faces







And loads of Donatellos from the turtles






More? Google grass smiley faces!

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Slow Loris eats a rice ball

A cute slow loris (slowly) eats a rice ball while holding a fork.


Source Boing Boing >>



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Bird Says Fuck You

Watched this tons of times and can’t stop laughing, Bird says ‘Fuck you’



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